How To Style Your Outfit Like A Fashion Girl

How To Style Your Outfit Like A Fashion Girl

Have you ever wondered how Fashion Girls manage to look so chic in such simple outfits?  They seem to be able to make even the plainest tshirt and jeans look deeply stylish.

Well, the secret is in the styling.

Fashion Girls know that with a simple twist here, or a roll there, an otherwise plain outfit can easily become worthy of a street style Instax shot.

And the good news is that by learning just a few very quick styling techniques, you can add interest to your wardrobe with little to no spending required.  And I think that’s pretty damn Capsule.

So to get you going on your path to becoming effortlessly stylish, here are five very easy and seriously quick ways to style your outfits like a true Fashion Girl…

1.  Half Tuck

Tuck half of your shirt in to your jeans.  You can either tuck the front section in, or tuck it in to one side.

Don’t worry about getting it perfect, the idea is to look styled but undone.

But if you’re really struggling, check out this video for inspiration:

2.  Jacket Draped Around Shoulders

This one is super simple.

Drape your jacket around your shoulders instead of putting your arms through the sleeves.

Et voilà!  Instant fashionista.


3.  Hair Tucked In To Scarf

If you’re wearing a scarf, this simple styling trick will elevate your outfit..

Loosely tuck your hair in to your scarf.  It’s as easy as that.


4.  Rolled Up Jeans + White Trainers

Roll the legs of your skinny jeans up, but not too much.  Just enough to show a little of your ankle.  One to two small rolls maximum.

Wear with a pair of crisp looking, clean white trainers.

For extra fashion points, choose a pair of white Adidas Stan Smith trainers.

Otherwise, any pair of clean, plain white trainers will do just as well to get the same effect.

(…I trust I don’t have to tell you that visible socks are banned from this look?!)


5.  Lipgloss + Messy Bun + Oversized Sunglasses

Mary-Kate Olsen, one of my very favourite style icons pulls this look off perfectly.

Think off duty model.  Sweep your hair up scruffily into a messy bun, put on your biggest pair of oversized sunglasses, and finish with a touch of lightly tinted lipgloss.

It’s low maintenance, minimal effort, and devastatingly chic.



So will you try any of these styling tricks?  Which one is your favourite?  Do you have any styling tips of your own?

Do you have a go-to look that always makes you feel good? And where do you find style inspiration?

Let me know in the comments below!

Also if you have a blog, leave your link in your comment and I’ll check it out!

Muchas Fashions, 

x Lucy x

The Capsulist


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